About Anna

Nice To Meet You

Hi, I’m Anna Maree Hagley, The Wonder Vegan. I grew up in Columbus, OH and currently live in Buffalo, NY. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, a social worker and freelance writer. I am also the founder of The Wonder Vegan LLC, a vegan health and wellness blog, mindset coaching and fitness company. The Wonder Vegan LLC offers womens only mindset coaching and personal training services. I am also active in the fitness competing and modeling realm and enjoy inspiring others on my Instagram: @thewondervegan.

Mindset & Health Blogger

I enjoy the social media platform to discuss mindset, recipes and fitness tips. You can find my writing in Midwest Models Magazine, in the 3dots – fitness app on your mobile phone app store, on Instagram @thewondervegan, on The Wonder Vegan Facebook page and at my blog www.thewonderveganblog.com 

Vegan Superhero

 I utilize my experience in fitness and modeling to promote veganism, and specifically, how healthy one can be on a vegan diet. Competing in bodybuilding competitions and modeling allows me to reach many people in a positive and motivational way. Inspiring others is what inspires me to continue on this path, just as others have done for me.

Welcome to my page!

Vegan Bikini Competitor & Fitness Model

For an inside scoop into competing, check out the  Vegan Fitness Model Youtube channel,  which features a vlog to show behind-the-scenes footage of bikini competition prep week through the week of a recent competition. A group of 10 of us Vegan Fitness Model clients came together to compete and/or support each other. It was a life-changing experience, as we are from all over the US and Australia.

Why is Being Vegan Important

What came along with researching animal welfare and mistreatment was an incredible self-awareness that I did not want to participate in ending the life of anything, and that I also wanted to be healthy. I am passionate about not contributing to harming or ending the life of animals for my convenience or consumption. While there are definitely unhealthy vegan foods, it is amazing what a healthy balanced vegan diet can do to improve one’s health. The longer I am vegan, the better I feel, both mentally and physically.


I've been in the gym learning about exercise and fitness since I was a kiddo, and honor most the mental exercise of improving ourselves from the inside out. I have experienced success, failure, depression, self loathing, traumatic events, self development, overeating/disordered eating, creating joy, mindset growth and a passion to help others. Fitness provided me with an outlet in which to relieve stress and become healthier. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I enjoy teaching people to eat healthy and address mindset blocks. Everything I do is first and foremost to encourage saving the lives of farmed animals , and helping women love themselves more.