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Mindset Coaching

There are endless fitness challenges and programs out there, but all of them seem to be lacking what we need help with the most - and thats mindset training, coaching and growth. Click here to learn more about my 8 week mindset caoaching program.

Fitness Plans

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you can find an exercise plan to fit your abilities and lifestyle here. Choose from a cardio plan, beginners resistance training plan, or advanced resistance training plan. Each plan includes a grocery shopping list and flexible eating guidelines.

What People Are Saying...

April T., NY

I lost 14.5 inches and 7 pounds in the first month working with you!

Terra H., NY

I've never had a trainer like Anna before. She literally sees things from your perspective and personalizes every exercise to meet your personal goals. She's very personable and friendly so it's more like a friendship than an appointment. 

Marylee E., Australia

I am prob in the best head space with food and my body than I have been for a long time.

Gladys G., Texas

That HIIT program helped me a lot, thank you I feel I got more conditioning and more strength. 

Kristin H., Canada

The personalization and time that was put into my food and exercise program helped me to succeed. I gained  strength, energy, and knowledge thanks to The Wonder Vegan.

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